29 November 2005

Wombat Blues (28-11-2005)


Hmmm, not bad. After hibernating for 2 to 3 years, this NG is still alive-- barely.

Lots of new nicks, but some vets are still around too. A few are missing though.

microWombie : "Daddy, what's this I hear about the blood, sweat and tears of Tmnet.kommies?

Wombat : "That, my son, is a story that will take 30 days and 30 nights."

microWombie : (Eyes welling up with wonder) : "Wow.... tell me! Tell me! Is it better than Harry Porter???"

Wombat : "Even better. Now, go fetch Daddy's Digoxin, Furusimide and Potassium Chloride tablets first. This is gonna be a long trip."