25 May 2007

AC Milan 2 - Liverpool 1

I am not depressed.

Honest. I am not depressed. Disappointed maybe, but not depressed.

So despite all my faith, Liverpool lost the Champions League Final in Athens to AC Milan, although Reds totally dominated the first 45 minutes.

I only rue the chances that were not taken throughout the match, and much as I hate to say it, Reds strikers lacked the finishing touch.

My congratulations to AC Milan. Next year hopefully we meet again.

And dear Rafa Benetez, just go tell Michael Owen all is forgiven and buy him back please?

I am not depressed, but I need a vacation.

21 May 2007

Classic FA Cup Final my foot

A friend said "No Liverpool fan would ever support Man U no matter what the circumstances".

To him I say : "The enemy of my enemy is my friend, even for two hours."

Anyway, as we all now know, it was a forgettable FA Cup Final. Nobody will remember it. It was BORING.

The standard of play is almost like a Community Shield match. Everyone played negatively in the first half, especially that over-rated team in blue.

Mr. Cristiano "Player-of-the-year-cum-I-am-just-too-good" Ronaldo? He was totally marked out of the match, could not even hold on to the ball for more than 10 seconds before giving it away for fear of people breaking his tiny little legs. Or was it too much partying due to winning the EPL title a week earlier?

If this is the best and second best team in the EPL, Liverpool would have won the FA Cup with their second eleven.

The pundits hyped it up as a classic match. They all got egg on their faces.

Best of all, even though I don't get to see Jose Mourinho's glum face if Chelski lose, at least I have the pleasure of seeing Sir Alex Fergurson's shocked face as the Cup was swiped out from under his feet with 5 minutes to go in extra time.

Anyway, like Rkaru said, this is just a Champions League 3rd/4th placing playoff. The real men's match is this Thursday morning 2.45am Malaysian time.

"Possibly the greatest team in the universe" (Liverpool) versus "The Team that was not supposed to be in the Champions League due to corruption scandal"(AC Milan).

Athens 23rd May 2007. Be there!

19 May 2007

Manchester United, for 2 hours Liverpool will be rooting for you

The English FA Cup Final tonight (10.00pm Malaysian time).

Manchester United (Current EPL Champions) vs Chelsea (500 million pounds just to win the League Mug-- I mean Cup).

All EPL fans (including Liverpool) will be rooting for Man United for 2 hours, just for the pleasure of seeing the glum look on Chelsea's faces when the final whistle blows.

Go Man United!

(However, if Chelsea's Drogba decides to break Cristiano Ronaldo's legs in the process, we welcome that too.)

18 May 2007

Melinda, Clive Davis is waiting in his limo outside...

It has to happen.

When American Idol got down to the Final Three contestants, namely Melinda Doolittle, Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis, back in my mind I have feared that what if, what if America will send Melinda home?

Nah, impossible. They may send Blake home (fore sure) or Jordin (Just maybe) but not Melinda unless the voters are so blind that they cannot recognise talent even if it hits them like a freight train in their faces. My Melinda? No way.

But I forgot one thing. American Idol is no longer a talent-search show. It has become a popularity show. What that means is that you may not be very talented, but if you are popular for some reason (which has nothing to do with talent) among the majority of the voting masses, you may just win it all. This show is becoming a farce.

Past contestants such as Constantine, Bo Bice, Chris D et al have talent, but not enough to sway the masses. Taylor Hicks won solely based on talent? Puleeze. But then, Ms. McPhee is no better so Season 5 was a joke.

When I saw Blake's homecoming segment on last night's results show, and I saw those zillions of hormone raging 12 year old female kids I told myself now I know why Blake is still here. Blake can just hum the Star Spangled Banner and he will still get through solely based on the strength of a million hormone raging 12 year old female teenagers busting their phones voting for him.

And the real danger is Blake may just go on and win the Finale based on this popularity contest. Melinda's voters may even vote for Blake just to spite Jordin. Or they may come to their senses and vote for Jordin to prevent this Ultimate American Idol Farce from happening. Me? I hope Blake wins, only just to make the producers cringe.

I am not thrashing Blake because he squeezed Melinda out. I am thrashing him because he got through because of a popularity contest.

Melinda, Clive Davis is outside waiting in his limo. You don't need to win or even be number two.

You have already won, and we all know that.

09 May 2007

Yes = Maybe = No?

I am doing this after reading Galliventer's version at http://danielfranklingomez.com/blog/ and thought I will do mine as well.

Of course if you people don't hear from me for the next 7 days it means that my wife has read this as well....

WOMEN’S ENGLISH (When you two were going steady...)
1. Yes = Yes
2. No = No
3. Maybe = Maybe
4. We need = Whatever you say dear
5. I am sorry = I am really sorry
6. We need to talk = What have I done wrong dear?
7. Sure, go ahead = You need your own space I understand
8. Do what you want = I respect you
9. I am not upset = Cos I'm scared you won't be seeing me again
10. You’re very attentive today= Am I getting lucky tonight? Huh? Huh?

WOMEN’S ENGLISH (After the two of you got married...)
1. Yes = No
2. No = Yes
3. Maybe = No
4. We need = I want
5. I am sorry = You’ll be sorry
6. We need to talk = You’re in trouble
7. Sure, go ahead = You better not
8. Do what you want = You will pay for this later
9. I am not upset = Of course I am upset, you moron!
10. You’re very attentive tonight = Is sex all you ever think about?

WOMEN’S ENGLISH (After 20 years of marriage...)
1. Yes = No
2. No = No
3. Maybe = No
4. We need = I demand
5. I am sorry = You are dead.
6. We need to talk = You are dead.
7. Sure, go ahead = You are dead.
8. Do what you want = You are dead.
9. I am not upset = You are oh so dead.
10. You’re very attentive tonight = Don’t bug me. I am very dead.

02 May 2007

The Quadruple my butt, Jose Mourinho

3.00 am...

Alarm : *ring*

Wombie : "Whuh? Oh..." *switch on TV in bedroom*

TV : Liverpool 0 - Chelsea 0, 17 minutes gone...

Wombie : "Oh hell! Missed the kick off."

Rkaru's SMS : Here we go!

Wombie : "Jose is parking the bus so barking early??? No balls ah? I go check on microWombie first..."

4 minutes later.....

Wombie : "Hmmm... Stevie G taking a free kick, so near the penalty box, sure got goal wan..."

Stevie G : *kick*

Agger : *Shoots*


Wombie : *Boing boing boing* "YAAAAAAAAAA!!"

MrsW : "Whuh? What's that scream?"

Wombie : "We scored! Now we will have a real football match!"

MrsW : *Groan* "Keep it down will ya? I am having a flu!"

And so it goes to the end of regulation time, then extra time and then right to penalty shoot out.... by this time MrsW has woke up and watching as well, abeit with one eye closed....

TV : "First to take the penalty for Chelsea will be Arjen Robben."

Wombie : "Please God, I don't care if Liverpool lose the shootout, but you cannot let that professional cheater score this one. Not Arjen Robben PLEASE I BEG YOU!"

Arjen Robben : *kick*

Reina : *saves penalty*


Wombie/MrsW : *Boing boing boing* "HE MISSED! HE MISSED!"

Arjen Robben : *hangs head in shame*

Wombie : "Thanks God, for paying him back for getting Reina sent off in that blatant acting incident sometime ago."

The shootout is now Liverpool 3 - Chelski 1... Dirk Kuyt steps up to take the fourth penalty... if Kuyt scores, Liverpool wins the football match and the semi-final...

Wombie/MrsW : *stop breathing*

Kuyt : *shoots*

Cech : *Didn't save penalty*


TV : "Liverpool is through to the Champions League Final in Athens!!!!!!"

Wombie/MrsW : *Boing boing boing* "YESSSSSSS!! Athens Here we come!" (Wombie sends SMS to Rkaru : "Champione~~ Champione~~ Woh oh oh woh~~~)

Neighbour : *knocks wall* "Hoi, quiet a bit lah! People trying to sleep here!"

01 May 2007

Tonight's the night~~ (Not you dear, it's Liverpool FC)

Tonight on ESPN ch81, 2am to 5am :
Champions' League Semi-final 2nd leg Liverpool vs Chelski.

For the past few years I have never ever woke up at 2.00am to watch a
football match ever, not even the World Cup Final, except for Istanbul
2005 when Liverpool played AC Milan and that 6 minutes of brilliance.

(The Italians called it 6 minutes of madness but I disagree.)

It is rather strange for a 40+ year old man to be wiping away tears at 5.00am in the morning when Stevie G lifted the European Cup.

But tonight it is not even the Final yet. It is just a semi-final, and Liverpool is trailing 0-1 from the first leg.

But the vibes are in the air. It will be played at Anfield, where the Anfield Roar alone is worth two Liverpool goals. And it is payback time to Jose Le mouth, one of the most obnoxious/irritating/underhanded football manager ever, in my opinion, for all the misery he's ever inflicted on the Reds (Robben's blatant acting in getting Pepe Reina sent off especially).

Come 5.00am, if Reds lose, I will be disappointed of course but no hair off my back, because we were not expected to progress this far when the season started.

If Reds win, a lot of people are gonna eat crow, and I believe we will go all the way and lift that European Cup in Athens and I can get my tissues ready again.

Rkaru, you will be up watching, of course? My phone's on, as usual.