07 July 2006

Mommy there's a monster under my bed!

MicroWombie, 5 yrs old, finally moved into his very own bedroom.

That night....

"So scary lah.... shadows on the wall... strange sounds outside the window... maybe a monster under the bed.... so alone....."

Mrs W : "Will you stop whining? Your son will be just fine! Look!"

MicroW : * zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZ *

Me : "Sorry."

Michael Owen's movie

If ever Michael Owen is going to have a movie made about his footballing career, this will be the most appropriate...

Promise you won't get me red carded again...

If you are on planet Earth last week and have been following the World Cup in Germany, you'd have seen and heard all the hoo-ha about Cristiano Ronaldo's antics in getting Rooney sent off in the England-Portugal quarter final.

I was extremely pissed off by this and have been mopping about all week wondering why people have to cheat just for the sake of winning, until I found this photo somewhere.

It can mean a lot of things, I will leave that to you. :-)

The photo is entitled "Ronaldo apologizes to Wayne Rooney over recent red card incident."