18 August 2006

Purple Mountain

This morning in the car....

microWombie : "Daddy, what is the name of the purple mountain?"

Wombat : "What purple mountain?"

microW : "The purple mountain bah..."

Wombat : "Where got purple mountain?"

microW : "There! That purple mountain."

Wombat : "Where got purple mountain there? Green mountain got. That's Mount Silam, where the pirate taxis roam and the illegal immigrants play."

microW : "Not the green mountain. The purple mountain!"

Wombat : "Young man, there is no purple mountain!"

microW : "Got!

Wombat : "Not!"

microW : "That one lah! That purple mountain flag!" (Points to Sabah flag on flag pole which obviously has a purple silhouette of Mount Kinabalu in its top left corner...)

Wombat : *Thump! Four paws in the air*