15 June 2006

Viva Espana!

Last night...

MrsW : Who are playing tonight?

Me : Spain vs Ukraine at 9pm.

MrsW : Cheh. Not interesting wan.

Me : But your beefcakes are playing.

MrsW : David Beckham is playing? I thought he plays for England?

Me : No no no. I mean Alonso and Garcia are playing for Spain.

Mrs. W : Why are they playing for Spain? Liverpool sold them meh?

Me : (sigh...) No no no. Liverpool will not sell them for 100 million pounds. Just take my word for it. They are playing for Spain this month.

MrsW : Ok. I will watch then.

(As both team lined up in the tunnel....)

MrsW : I say, who's that handsome man wearing the yellow shirt?

Me : That's Andrey Whateverchenko.

MrsW : He's cute. I will support Ukraine tonight.

Me : (Is it just me, or are most women supporting teams that have cute players?????)