29 March 2006

7? It could have been 19!

Malaysia's performance at CG2006 Melbourne:

7 Golds medals out of 10 targeted.

12 Silver medals.

Now can we ask if only we just try a little harder, the 12 Silvers could have been Gold.

What? Not possible you say? Why?

- We are not physically built to challenge Aussies, Brits and the Canadians? Choose sports where physical attributes is not a factor.

- The weather is not right? Ohhhhh, we are so sorry. We can't help it if all major sport events are not held in Malaysia.

- The food is not right? Jeez, we are so sorry the other 5 billion people in the world doesn't like sambal, bak kut teh and rota canai you know?

- Homesick ah? Go back to Mommy lah!

- Too rich already? Fight so hard for what ah? Can our powers-that-be stop over-rewarding our athletes???? Why should they aim higher when being a world champion for a few months is enough to net them hundreds of thousands in cash, house, land etc etc? Why should a millionaire work so hard?

- What? You were there only for the ride? Now do you know what's wrong with sports in this country??????

I salute our weightlifters, rythmic gymnasts and lawn bowlers especially Siti Zalina Ahmad, whose coolness in thrashing a 50 year old grandmother from Wales is unbelievable.

As for the rest, my question is "What if you just try a bit harder?"

The world does not remember people who only know how to say "I tried my best."

24 March 2006

The wonder of righteous anger...

Wombie at the Lahad Datu hospital.

Wombat : "I'd like to register my appointment please?"

Nurse looks at Wombie's patient card : "You cannot register now. Your appointment is at 10.00am. 10.00am appointments gets registered around 9.30am. The time now is only 8.00am. You are too early."

Wombat : "But can't I register early since I am the first one here? If I register around 9.30am I will end up with an appointment at 12.00 noon."

Nurse : "No, you cannot do that. Registration is now for those with 9.00am appointment."

Wombat : "Look, I am not asking to jump the queue. I just want to be sure I am the first one to get the 10.00am appointment."

Nurse : "You are the first one. Just leave your card in the box and I will register you at 9.30am."

Wombat : "Okay."

Wait wait wait....

At 9.30am....

Nurse : "Here you go. That will be RM5.00. You are now registered. Please go to counter 2 to take your number."

Wombat : "Thank you."

At Counter 2...

Nurse : "Here's your number."

Wombat : "But it says No. 5!"

Nurse : "So?"

Wombat : "I was here at 8.00am. I was not allowed to register because my appointment is at 10.00am, due to some logic of your registration system which I will never understand. But since I am the first one here, logic tells me my number should be No. 1, not No. 5!"

Nurse : "Obviously 4 person registered ahead of you."

Wombat : "Look Nurse, before I make a scene, and demand to see your matron or hospital director, please explain to me how these 4 people get to register ahead of me when your registration system obviously forbids it? Or are you trying to tell me something is obviously not so right with your oh-so-sacred registration system here? Do I smell cronyism in the air? Or did something change hands? "

Nurse : : "Ok ok. You win. Here, you get No. 1 number. Give me the No.5 back."

Wombat : "Thank you very much. A very good day to you too."

"My baby!"

This week, in the car on the way in sending 5 year old microWombie to kindergarten...

microW : "Daddy, today you don't have to walk me to my class."

Wombat : "But why?"

microW : "Nothing. I just want to walk to my classroom alone."

Wombat : "But but but..."

microW : "No buts Daddy."

Car stops in front of kindergarten. MicroW hops out.

microW : "Bye bye daddy."

Wombat : "Bye bye."

Kindergarten gate keeper to friend : "Why is that man in the car crying ah?"

Friend : "Beats me."

"Was that an Airbus A380 or what?"

Last Sunday in Kota Kinabalu....

Wombat : "Do we really have to stuff another extra bed into this double room?"

Staff #1 : "There's three of us, and there are only 2 beds. Of course we have to. It is all in the name of budget cut backs. Think of the savings in room charges over 3 days!"

Wombat : "If you say so. You won't be so sure tomorrow."

Next morning...

Wombat : "Ok rise and shine. Time to get up and attend seminar!"

Staff #1 : "Oh my gawd please let me die in peace. Did you sleep at all Staff #2?"

Staff #2 : "Sleep? Who can sleep through a landing of an Airbus A380? And this one landed, took off, landed, took off ad nausem all night!"

Wombat : "Told ya. So I get to transfer to a single room tonight?"

Staff#1 + #2 : "We will even pay for the room!"

"43 Not Out."

As they say in cricket, 43 not out.

Yes, I am now 43 years old plus 8 days. Big deal. Mid life crisis? Nah. That was a few years back.

Looking back, It has been a very interesting 3 years since I hit the big 40, and I think I managed to sort out a lot of things.

The kids are growing up. Very soon one will be going to college and I have not even found the funds yet.

Oh well, here's hoping I will hit my half century in good health.

Dream FA Cup Final

Dear God, can you please fix it such that the FA Cup Final will be between Chelski and Liverpool? Nothing will be better than to see Jose Le Mouth's face when Chelski loses.

But then, he will probably blame it on the referee, the ball, the pitch, the crowd, the advertising boards, the janitor, even the squirrels.