24 March 2006

"Was that an Airbus A380 or what?"

Last Sunday in Kota Kinabalu....

Wombat : "Do we really have to stuff another extra bed into this double room?"

Staff #1 : "There's three of us, and there are only 2 beds. Of course we have to. It is all in the name of budget cut backs. Think of the savings in room charges over 3 days!"

Wombat : "If you say so. You won't be so sure tomorrow."

Next morning...

Wombat : "Ok rise and shine. Time to get up and attend seminar!"

Staff #1 : "Oh my gawd please let me die in peace. Did you sleep at all Staff #2?"

Staff #2 : "Sleep? Who can sleep through a landing of an Airbus A380? And this one landed, took off, landed, took off ad nausem all night!"

Wombat : "Told ya. So I get to transfer to a single room tonight?"

Staff#1 + #2 : "We will even pay for the room!"

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