29 March 2006

7? It could have been 19!

Malaysia's performance at CG2006 Melbourne:

7 Golds medals out of 10 targeted.

12 Silver medals.

Now can we ask if only we just try a little harder, the 12 Silvers could have been Gold.

What? Not possible you say? Why?

- We are not physically built to challenge Aussies, Brits and the Canadians? Choose sports where physical attributes is not a factor.

- The weather is not right? Ohhhhh, we are so sorry. We can't help it if all major sport events are not held in Malaysia.

- The food is not right? Jeez, we are so sorry the other 5 billion people in the world doesn't like sambal, bak kut teh and rota canai you know?

- Homesick ah? Go back to Mommy lah!

- Too rich already? Fight so hard for what ah? Can our powers-that-be stop over-rewarding our athletes???? Why should they aim higher when being a world champion for a few months is enough to net them hundreds of thousands in cash, house, land etc etc? Why should a millionaire work so hard?

- What? You were there only for the ride? Now do you know what's wrong with sports in this country??????

I salute our weightlifters, rythmic gymnasts and lawn bowlers especially Siti Zalina Ahmad, whose coolness in thrashing a 50 year old grandmother from Wales is unbelievable.

As for the rest, my question is "What if you just try a bit harder?"

The world does not remember people who only know how to say "I tried my best."

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