19 May 2007

Manchester United, for 2 hours Liverpool will be rooting for you

The English FA Cup Final tonight (10.00pm Malaysian time).

Manchester United (Current EPL Champions) vs Chelsea (500 million pounds just to win the League Mug-- I mean Cup).

All EPL fans (including Liverpool) will be rooting for Man United for 2 hours, just for the pleasure of seeing the glum look on Chelsea's faces when the final whistle blows.

Go Man United!

(However, if Chelsea's Drogba decides to break Cristiano Ronaldo's legs in the process, we welcome that too.)


Anonymous said...

I predict..... err... umh... ai, doesn't matter lah. I just want MU to win. *teehee*

Wombat said...

cindy : Which's your fave team in the EPL?

Anonymous said...

Supposedly MU. :P

But can't say for sure, coz where there's cute guys, I'll be supporting that team!