18 May 2007

Melinda, Clive Davis is waiting in his limo outside...

It has to happen.

When American Idol got down to the Final Three contestants, namely Melinda Doolittle, Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis, back in my mind I have feared that what if, what if America will send Melinda home?

Nah, impossible. They may send Blake home (fore sure) or Jordin (Just maybe) but not Melinda unless the voters are so blind that they cannot recognise talent even if it hits them like a freight train in their faces. My Melinda? No way.

But I forgot one thing. American Idol is no longer a talent-search show. It has become a popularity show. What that means is that you may not be very talented, but if you are popular for some reason (which has nothing to do with talent) among the majority of the voting masses, you may just win it all. This show is becoming a farce.

Past contestants such as Constantine, Bo Bice, Chris D et al have talent, but not enough to sway the masses. Taylor Hicks won solely based on talent? Puleeze. But then, Ms. McPhee is no better so Season 5 was a joke.

When I saw Blake's homecoming segment on last night's results show, and I saw those zillions of hormone raging 12 year old female kids I told myself now I know why Blake is still here. Blake can just hum the Star Spangled Banner and he will still get through solely based on the strength of a million hormone raging 12 year old female teenagers busting their phones voting for him.

And the real danger is Blake may just go on and win the Finale based on this popularity contest. Melinda's voters may even vote for Blake just to spite Jordin. Or they may come to their senses and vote for Jordin to prevent this Ultimate American Idol Farce from happening. Me? I hope Blake wins, only just to make the producers cringe.

I am not thrashing Blake because he squeezed Melinda out. I am thrashing him because he got through because of a popularity contest.

Melinda, Clive Davis is outside waiting in his limo. You don't need to win or even be number two.

You have already won, and we all know that.

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