21 May 2007

Classic FA Cup Final my foot

A friend said "No Liverpool fan would ever support Man U no matter what the circumstances".

To him I say : "The enemy of my enemy is my friend, even for two hours."

Anyway, as we all now know, it was a forgettable FA Cup Final. Nobody will remember it. It was BORING.

The standard of play is almost like a Community Shield match. Everyone played negatively in the first half, especially that over-rated team in blue.

Mr. Cristiano "Player-of-the-year-cum-I-am-just-too-good" Ronaldo? He was totally marked out of the match, could not even hold on to the ball for more than 10 seconds before giving it away for fear of people breaking his tiny little legs. Or was it too much partying due to winning the EPL title a week earlier?

If this is the best and second best team in the EPL, Liverpool would have won the FA Cup with their second eleven.

The pundits hyped it up as a classic match. They all got egg on their faces.

Best of all, even though I don't get to see Jose Mourinho's glum face if Chelski lose, at least I have the pleasure of seeing Sir Alex Fergurson's shocked face as the Cup was swiped out from under his feet with 5 minutes to go in extra time.

Anyway, like Rkaru said, this is just a Champions League 3rd/4th placing playoff. The real men's match is this Thursday morning 2.45am Malaysian time.

"Possibly the greatest team in the universe" (Liverpool) versus "The Team that was not supposed to be in the Champions League due to corruption scandal"(AC Milan).

Athens 23rd May 2007. Be there!


Anonymous said...

It was easily the most forgettable FA Cup in the history of the competition. I watched the first 10 minutes, caught up with 2 episodes of HOUSE and then continued watching til Drogba scored that me punch my fist in the air with delight. It's not about Chelsea winning, it's about Manure losing and sticking it to them.

There's a good writeup about Ronaldo earlier today, he's not a big match player at all. Always goes into hiding when Manure play the big teams.

Wombat said...

Galliventer : URL for the little twit's write up please?

Yup. Easily the most forgetable final.

I still remember last year's final where Liverpool taught Waste Ham how to play football. That was very good.

Anonymous said...

Knock yourself out... :-)


And the other one was in the football guardian. Google it, and then search for Ronaldo, it talks about the same thing, but a little more elaborate...