02 May 2007

The Quadruple my butt, Jose Mourinho

3.00 am...

Alarm : *ring*

Wombie : "Whuh? Oh..." *switch on TV in bedroom*

TV : Liverpool 0 - Chelsea 0, 17 minutes gone...

Wombie : "Oh hell! Missed the kick off."

Rkaru's SMS : Here we go!

Wombie : "Jose is parking the bus so barking early??? No balls ah? I go check on microWombie first..."

4 minutes later.....

Wombie : "Hmmm... Stevie G taking a free kick, so near the penalty box, sure got goal wan..."

Stevie G : *kick*

Agger : *Shoots*


Wombie : *Boing boing boing* "YAAAAAAAAAA!!"

MrsW : "Whuh? What's that scream?"

Wombie : "We scored! Now we will have a real football match!"

MrsW : *Groan* "Keep it down will ya? I am having a flu!"

And so it goes to the end of regulation time, then extra time and then right to penalty shoot out.... by this time MrsW has woke up and watching as well, abeit with one eye closed....

TV : "First to take the penalty for Chelsea will be Arjen Robben."

Wombie : "Please God, I don't care if Liverpool lose the shootout, but you cannot let that professional cheater score this one. Not Arjen Robben PLEASE I BEG YOU!"

Arjen Robben : *kick*

Reina : *saves penalty*


Wombie/MrsW : *Boing boing boing* "HE MISSED! HE MISSED!"

Arjen Robben : *hangs head in shame*

Wombie : "Thanks God, for paying him back for getting Reina sent off in that blatant acting incident sometime ago."

The shootout is now Liverpool 3 - Chelski 1... Dirk Kuyt steps up to take the fourth penalty... if Kuyt scores, Liverpool wins the football match and the semi-final...

Wombie/MrsW : *stop breathing*

Kuyt : *shoots*

Cech : *Didn't save penalty*


TV : "Liverpool is through to the Champions League Final in Athens!!!!!!"

Wombie/MrsW : *Boing boing boing* "YESSSSSSS!! Athens Here we come!" (Wombie sends SMS to Rkaru : "Champione~~ Champione~~ Woh oh oh woh~~~)

Neighbour : *knocks wall* "Hoi, quiet a bit lah! People trying to sleep here!"


Anonymous said...

Congratulations are in order! :-)

Wombat said...

gallivanter: Thank you. And now that AC Milan has taught ManUre how real men play football, it is Istanbul 2005 all over again!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for this uninvited visit. Couldn't help but clcking on your link and wala! Find out you're from LD. Wah, sia kanal ko ni mangkali! LOL!! I used to frequent LD, praying at St. Dominic's Church almost every Sunday before moving to another city. How's LD? Maju already I heard? :D

Wombat said...

St. Dominic's? That's our church too.

LD is growing, but the infrastructure is not coping fast enough.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh.. you go to the same church as well? My parents very active in the church too.. (outstation) but they go to St. Dominic for every big occasion like Kaamatan etc.

What a small World. :P