01 May 2007

Tonight's the night~~ (Not you dear, it's Liverpool FC)

Tonight on ESPN ch81, 2am to 5am :
Champions' League Semi-final 2nd leg Liverpool vs Chelski.

For the past few years I have never ever woke up at 2.00am to watch a
football match ever, not even the World Cup Final, except for Istanbul
2005 when Liverpool played AC Milan and that 6 minutes of brilliance.

(The Italians called it 6 minutes of madness but I disagree.)

It is rather strange for a 40+ year old man to be wiping away tears at 5.00am in the morning when Stevie G lifted the European Cup.

But tonight it is not even the Final yet. It is just a semi-final, and Liverpool is trailing 0-1 from the first leg.

But the vibes are in the air. It will be played at Anfield, where the Anfield Roar alone is worth two Liverpool goals. And it is payback time to Jose Le mouth, one of the most obnoxious/irritating/underhanded football manager ever, in my opinion, for all the misery he's ever inflicted on the Reds (Robben's blatant acting in getting Pepe Reina sent off especially).

Come 5.00am, if Reds lose, I will be disappointed of course but no hair off my back, because we were not expected to progress this far when the season started.

If Reds win, a lot of people are gonna eat crow, and I believe we will go all the way and lift that European Cup in Athens and I can get my tissues ready again.

Rkaru, you will be up watching, of course? My phone's on, as usual.

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