08 February 2006

What? Me simulated? Moi?

Someday, Arjen Robben died and went to heaven. He met St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter checked his big book, frowned, but nevertheless allow Robben to enter.

In less than a minute Robben came back out and said to St. Peter : "That's not Heaven in there. That's Hell!"

St. Peter said to him : "Remember that Chelsea-Liverpool match at Stamford bridge on 5-2-2006?"

Robben : "Yes. The one they claimed I cheated and got the Liverpool keeper Reyna sent off? That was funny, wasn't it?"

St. Peter : "It sure was."

Robben : "So, about this slip-up with Hell just now..."

St. Peter : "Oh that... I forgot to tell you. I cheated too. You are not destined for Heaven. This is funny, isn't it?"

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