20 April 2006

Gee.... someone kicked some butt.

Remember my blog of 13th December 2006 "It can only happen in Lahad Datu" when I ranted about the stupidity of most drivers near my house?

The queue jumping is gone! Yes, gone! It now took me only 15 minutes to send microWombie to kindergarten as opposed to 45 minutes in the past, and with lower blood pressure too.

Apparently someone had enough of the queue-jumping idiots and complained to the authorities. In March they start stationing JPJ (Road Transport Department) officers along that side-road and stopped anyone who continue to jump queue. I do not know what exactly they said to these jerks (JPJ officer : "Get back on the main road or I will break your god*mned leg!"?) but I noticed that no one use the side-road anymore.

The jam is still there, but it is now a reasonable crawl with minimum stops, which is tolerable. Unlike previously where everyone stops to let queue jumpers come out from the side-road.

Ok, one or two cars still jump the queue, but I noticed that everyone else is giving them the "look" that made them feel worse than a caught paedophile. Good.


Anonymous said...

now It has save you some petrol($$$),no more engine idling consumimg the fuel away,Tehtarik on you,buddy?

qiddas said...

ouch! please dont say 'break your leg'. brings back sharp and painful memories to me.