11 July 2007

Where pirate taxis roam and the illegal immigrants play

A lot of friends on the 'Net have asked me just where exactly is Lahad Datu, and why would I want to live there.

Okay, first we settle the question about where Lahad Datu is located. For details on Lahad Datu, you can dig up the info on Wikipedia, where half an A4 page is allocated to describing this town.

Now, as to where it is located, these two Google earth images will be of great help :

So now some of you can reprogram the GPS coordinates of your ICBMs.

Now, why would I want to live here? It's the call of duty. I have been working here since 1993, and more or less a Lahad Datuan (is there such a word?) by now. It is the fourth largest town in the state of Sabah, and one of the advantages of living here is that the pace of life is slower. On the other hand, being a small town, your choice in everything is very limited.

What do I like best about this place? The seafood. Prawns the size of lobsters. Fish that you don't have to break the bank to pay for.

Ok, maybe the lobster analogy is a bit far fetched. Prawns the size of half a lobster then.


Anonymous said...

The Kunak town in Sabah is pretty much like Lahad Datu I believe. Pirate taxi's range from Kancil brand cars to Toyota mini vans.
The seafood? Superb! Cheap and fresh. Prawns as big as your arms man... he he :P

Wombat said...

Kunak is about one-third of Lahad Datu's size, if not smaller. Yes, pirate taxis are in greater numbers there. There's a shop near the Kunak junction (and also one in town) where the standard lunch menu is steamed garupa, oyster sauce chicken, fried crispy sotong, kichap prawns and hotplate payau, sayur manis with belacan. Heaven.

Anonymous said...

Wombat, I think you're referring to Restaurant Vui Kee. Heeheehee... Whenever we have makan-makan at home or when the priest for LD comes for mass, we'd ask them to cook for us (to feed the rombongan from LD).

Yes, I love living in a small town with slow life actually. Moderate life, no jam, heck.. you can save a lot in these town! :D Plus the seafood are superb! (Cheap)

Wombat said...

Cindy : Yes, that's the one. Originally it is located in Kunak town and last year it opened at Kunak junction.

Another shop that offered this type of "standard" Kunak menu used to be the Fook Seng Restaurant (very old history) located at the wooden shops before it was relocated after the wooden shops got burnt down. I don't think the old man owner is still around anymore (or is he?).

Anonymous said...

the only thing i like about lahad datu is .... the girls damn horny!!! :P

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, and the mayo prawn. cant get enough of it.

Wombat said...

You speaking from experience? Tak rasa pun. Unless you are talking about those that charges you RM50 an hour just to sit on your lap in some dark seedy karaoke?

Wombat said...

dSaint : If I think you are using Kommies (tmnet.communities) lingo, you are talking about pornography with mayonaise? Too much too much information! (Yet another Kommies inside joke...)

Anonymous said...

Fook Seng Restaurant is still around. The old man passed away years ago, er... like 3 years ago I think. Now the son and the mother is running the business there. Gotta love their "Nasi Payau". OMG!

Eh, I'm so hungry now. :P