29 February 2008

American Idol : Ladies Top-10

Last night was the turn of the ladies to show their stuff on American Idol Top-10.

Honestly the last 12 of this season's female singers did not impress me much but after last night, I have found two or three to cheer for.

First up is the Irish rock chick, Carly Smithson. From the day she auditioned for A-Idol, I knew she can sing. Rumour has it that Carly has actually signed for a major label before and recorded an album which bombed. She's very good with songs by Heart, and last night's "Crazy For You" was very good. Problem is she cannot go on relying on Heart to pull her through. I wonder how she will do when the theme is disco.

Next is Brooke White. Earlier I said she looked like a Julia Roberts wannabe but last night she chose the perfect song to sing : Carly Simon's "You're So Vain". It suited her voice and Simon probably think the song is about him too.

Finally there's Ramiele Malubay. MrsW perked up her ears when she heard Ramiele said something in Tagalog. She asked me if Ramiele is Filipino. I said well she looks like one, sounds like one, so must be one. Ramiele sang Thelma Houston "Don't Leave Me This Way". Not bad, but she could have bettered it with more movement and more oomph in her voice. It is a song that deserves to be sing out loud. I heard Anita Sarawak sang it in the 1970s, and man, did she make it funky. I would like to believe she sang it better than Thelma Houston.

As with a lot of Filipina ladies, Ramiele has a very good voice. The only thing she needs now is to make sure she choose the right song week after week.

There you have it, my three ladies to cheer for this season plus Michael Johns and David Archuleta for the guys.

Now who screwed up big time last night? Amanda Overmyer. If there's one song you don't ever sing on A-Idol, it's Kansas' "Carry On Wayward Son". Yes it is a 70s rock song but it has too much instrumental breaks. Not a song to win votes. Kansas' "Play The Game Tonight" or "Crossfire" would have suited Amanda better, but too bad they were 80s songs.

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