26 February 2008

Points to ponder

Okay, Chinese New Year is officially over. I put on 5 kilograms over 2 weeks, and now I need to lose 15 kilos in order to go down to 90 kilograms, and that is still 10 kilos over my ideal weight of 80 kgs.

It's good to see Liverpool came back from the humiliation inflicted on them by Barnsley in the FA Cup and went on to thrash Inter Milan 2-0, so the return leg in Milan will be almost a formality.

It is also good to see Fernando Torres score his first ever hat trick for Liverpool against Middlesbrough at Anfield. This guy HAS the talent, period. He has pace, he can outrun defenders and most off all, he keeps his head whenever he has the ball. It is almost a given that whenever Torres gets the ball, I can feel something beautiful may happen.

My cardiologist took me off Frusemide (a diuretic) last week so now I am officially not a drug cheat at sports. For the uninitiated, diuretics are often used to flush steroids from one's body to avoid detection and also to lose weight fast. It induces one to urinate often.

The General Election is here again. Those who know me well will know where I stand in the scheme of things. I don't hope for drastic changes. I just want the powers that be to lose the ability to treat this country's constitution like a piece of toilet paper.

Come 9th March 2008, we will know if this wish of mine will be a reality.


CJane said...

I think we share the same wish.. :P

*fingers cross*

Wombat said...

Lets hope it will come true.