23 May 2008

Of this and that.

David Cook won American Idol Season 7 by 12 million votes. I was sure he will lose because there's simply no defense against 50 million screaming hormones who will vote for David Archuleta. I guess finally American made the right choice after so many seasons of big mistakes. (Anyone remember Taylor Hicks? See?)

So M*n U*d won the Champions League. No hair off my back. At least I have the pleasure of seeing Ronaldo's extremely embarrassed face when he missed his penalty. Likewise the joy of seeing Drogba sent off and John "We are supposed to win" Terry slipped and landed on his ass during his penalty. Proved that Liverpool's win against AC Milan is still the better lottery draw, and they even threw in six minutes of madness as a bonus.

The school holiday starts tomorrow and the missus is dreading having a 17 year old teenager and a 7 year old kid in the house all day long. Luckily I have to work.

Is it just me or Star World on Astro has canned Bionic Woman for the past month and I didn't even realize it?

The football season is now ended. No EPL and ChLg for two months, and Euro 2008 will be telecast live at insane time of the morning. Maybe it is time to root for Nadal to beat Federer again.


Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

David Cook bah... yeah! Americans made the right choice this time.

Anonymous said...

change package oni, dump sports, add movies... heh!