02 July 2008

Torres 1 - Germany 0

Euro 2008 Final : Spain 1 - Germany 0.

I kept the faith. Months ago before Euro 2008 started, I said since England is out, I will go for Spain to win it. And they did, with tons of class too.

Who scored the winning goal? Fernando Torres, striker extraordinaire. It wasn't some kind of el-cheapo goal. It was sheer class, power and skill. He literally out-muscled and out-ran Philipp Lahm on his way to goal before putting it in the net. I have seen this type of goals from Torres a lot during the recent EPL season, and it is always a joy to watch. When he starts his run you always have a feeling that it is going to be a goal. It is the kind of feeling you don't get to feel much nowadays in soccer matches.

I simply could not resist this dig : To a certain footballer wearing the No. 7 MU jersey I ask - Who's the greatest footballer in the world now eh?

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