02 August 2008

Best Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony Ever!

Last night on satellite TV's "Reflections of Summer", Barcelona Olympics 1992...

Wombat : "Gather round kids, I want you to watch this."

Little Wombat (17 yrs) : "Watch what Daddy?"

Wombat : "How the Olympic Flame at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics was lit. You were only 1 year old then."

microWombie (7 yrs) : "What's an Olympic Flame Daddy?"

Wombat : "It is a huge cauldron at the stadium where the flame will burn throughout the whole Olympic festival. It will only be extinguished during the closing ceremony."

Little Wombat : "I have seen some of those. I remember the Sydney 2000 Olympics where Cathy Freeman lighted the flame around a pool of water and then the cauldron rose up to the top like a flying saucer. I also remember the Athens 2004 one where the cauldron is like a bowing giant cigar."

Wombat : "Those two, my children, are nothing compared to this one you are going to see."

microWombie : "What else can top the flying saucer and the bowing cigar?"

Wombat : "Aiya just watch lah. And don't blink. You will miss the magic moment."

As the last torch bearer, basketball player Juan Antonio San Epifanio lighted the arrow tip of Paralympic games archer Antonio Rebollo, who then turned and aimed the flaming arrow at the olympic cauldron located 100 meters high, the Wombats held their breath---


The flaming arrow shot upwards in a parabolic arc, pass over the cauldron and the Olympic flame is lighted.

Little Wombat/microWombie : "WOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!! THAT WAS COOL!!"

Wombat : "What is so great about your flying saucer and bowing cigar now eh?"

microWombie : "Unbelievable!"

Little Wombat : "Mein gott! Woooooowee!"

Wombat (a tear well up in left eye) : "Listen up kids. Someday when Daddy is no longer around, and you two have kids of your own, you must promise me you will always show them this moment. Okay?"

LW/mW : "Yes Daddy. We will make it a tradition."


Anonymous said...

The cauldron so big it's impossible to miss lar... :P

Anonymous said...

Hey, I also thought that was the best lighting cermony ever. Any chance you know where I could down load that clip and show it to my kids ?


Anonymous said...

Dear Wombat. It is with tears in my eyes that I wrote this as well. It is so sad that the moment that you talked about had to come so soon.

Rest in peace, dear Wombat, and may the God in heaven take care of your wife and children now that you're no longer here. Our sincere prayers are with them.

Charlie said...

You will be sorely missed my friend! May you Rest In Peace!