13 December 2005

It can only happen in Lahad Datu...

Imagine this:

You are queueing up in a huge traffic jam. On you left is a road running parallel to yours and going in the same direction. This parallel road is only 500 meters long, and anyone knows that if you use this road to escape the jam, you are effectively queue-jumping and that you just cannot be bothered to queue like everyone else.

So, there you are, stucked on the main road with the jam, and it can take 30 minutes to travel 500 meters. Why? Because those doing the queue-jumping will have to join the main road about 500 meters down the main road. The incredible thing is most of the cars on the main road is actually letting these jerks to rejoin the main road. By doing this, the traffic on the main road is hardly moving at all.

Now for the life of me I just could not understand the logic of this. This is not bestowing kindness nor some practice-good-road-behaviour kind of crap. This is sheer idiocy. It is like you are letting someone come into your house, and they then proceed to wreck it, and you gladly let them leave without a single word.

And this is happening day after day after day.

Ok, you ask : "Bid deal. What about you? Where are you in all this?"

Ok, for starters I can say that I never jumped the queue by using the parallel road. I am one of those who plod along the main road, fuming at the drivers in front of me.

And what do I do when I get near the junction where the jerks try to rejoin the queue? I do not give way. I just roll on, daring anyone to even contemplate the thought of cutting in front of me. I have no choice. This is not about road rage or the monster behind the wheel. This is my way of saying "Fark off you twerp. You queue-jumped so you better bloody hell wait for your turn."


Anonymous said...

Hi, where about was the jam in L/Datu? Kg. Muhibah towards down, may be? I had not been home for a long time. Can't believe L/Datu have traffic jam now a day.

Anonymous said...

Traffic jam in Lahad Datu??? Got to be a joke!! A town with only one traffic light??...hhhmmmmmm...when was this??

Wombat said...

Dey, Lahad Datu has two (2!) traffic lights ler. One at the T-junction near the old location of Goodview Restaurant and the other one at the entrance of the new hospital. These jams are getting quite bad. Another rush hour jam is from old Jalan Segama junction all the way until the airport in the morning. Too many barking cars and too little roads.

Anonymous said...

I knew about the new hospital but did not remember there was a traffic light. Definitely will check it out on my next visit.

Hasmawaty said...

Yup that's true I was so surprise when I was there last year December..but hey wasnt it to say people in LD become richer with all that double cab cars around..

as for the massive traffic jam..gotta get those involved in the JKR or distric planning to do something..