13 December 2005


This morning....

*PC dealer's handphone RINGING*

PC dealer : Hello?

Wombie : Wake up! The day has started!

PC : Are you nuts? It's 6.00am!

Wombie : Who cares? I want to place an order. One set Windows XP Pro, one unit Palm TX complete with a 1GB SD card. And I wanted it yesterday.

PC : *Kacing! Kacing! Kacing!* Wah, the IRB sent you your tax refund cheque ah?

Wombie : You wish. All I got was a receipt for compound fine. When do I get the stuff?

PC : 3 to 4 days tops.

Wombie : Good. Make it so.

(A million thanks to SM2 for his advice on not buying the 4GB Life Drive, and the T3 and the T5.)


Anonymous said...

After your sms last night, I googled and did a little research. I think you made a good choice. A lot of good reviews on the TX out there. Me, I think I'll die with the T3... or it dies on me, whichever comes first.

BTW... who is this SM2 you keep mentioning? His name sounds a little familiar. Hmmmm....

N/A said...


Anonymous said...

Mein Gott in Himmel!!!

I finally got an honorable mention in your blog, marn. :-)

BTW...how come your other journal entries don't have responses?


(SM2 fondly remembers the good old days when blogs weren't heard of and TMNut Kommies was thriving like a marketplace during Ramadhan).