07 December 2005

Wombat Blues (7-12-2005)


Wombie : *Surfing the Net on Streamyx at the slave mines like nobody's business*

*4 hour without electricity, an event which will raise hell in West Malaysia but perfectly normal on the east coast of Sabah*
*Electricity comes back*

Wombie : "Alwight---- what the park??? My modem no longer has a DSL light! Maybe it will come back tomorrow."


Wombie : "Still no DSL light." *Calls Streamyx installer*

Streamyx installer : "Aiya, you are not alone lah. 5 guys in your office's area is having this problem too. Wait for a few days and come back to me."

Wombie : *Felt very odd with that reply but just could not tell why* "Errr ok".

1-12-05.... Still no DSL light.

2-12-05.... Still no DSL light.

3-12-05..... Still no DSL light.


Wombie : "Fark this." *Calls 1-300-88-9515*

Streamyx Staff : "Yours is a new account so it is still under your installer's warranty. You have to contact him."

Wombie : "But but but---"

Streamyx staff : "Have a nice day." *click*

Wombie calls Installer....

Installer : "You have to make a report to Telekom's 100 number."

Wombie calls 100.... *yada yada yada*

100's staff : "Ok we recorded your report and will look into this possibly network problem in your area."

5-12-05.... still no DSL light...

Wombie calls 100 again....

100's staff : "I am sorry. We do not have any record of you reporting this problem to us. You have to make a report again."

Wombie tried very hard to be calm, swallows 3 Digoxins and called 1-300-889515...

Streamyx Staff : "Ok, we will try to help out, although this is really an issue between you and you installer due to the warranty ok? Now, we need you to remove the ADSL splitter and connect your ADSL modem directly to the phone line."

Wombat : "I have done that already. The result is the same. No DSL light."

Streamyx staff : "That is impossible. Did you remove the splitter? Do you know which is the DSL light?

Wombat : "Of course I know which is the ADSL splitter, and which one is the DSL LED light, and I am telling you, I have tried and checked everything. The problem is not on my end. It's the network in my area that is the problem and all I need you guys to do is get some TM technician to look into that please please oh please I beg you have
mercy on me!"

Streamyx staff : "Before we go further than that I need you to check one more thing on your PC----"

Wombat : "STOP IT! Look here, I am reading modem LEDs and writing modem command strings long before you are a spermatozoa. THE PROBLEM IS NOT ON MY SYSTEM! SO STOP BS-ing ME AND SOLVE THIS PROBLEM OR I WILL CC THIS COPY OF WOMBAT BLUES TO NEW STRAITS TIMES TOMORROW FOR THEIR LETTER PAGE!"

Streamyx staff : *Beats hasty retreat*

6-12-2005... 9.00AM....

TM techincian on the phone : "Hello, I understand you have a problem with your Streamyx?"

6-12-2005.... 4.30PM....

Wombie : "Lookee here. A lighted DSL light! I am BACK! Yippee!"

(Point of the story : Once in a while, one really has to get mad to get things moving.)

(Rkaru: "So you don't need MrsR to call her deeply placed source in TM Tower ah?")


Zaene said...

hey there, u're very right, sometimes u have to scold loud enuff to get the attention. i worked at 100(cust service), n believe me when i say there is absolutely nothing we can do from our centre cuz the techies are the guys who will repair the connections, n we only demand them to do it. n for god's sake i really hope one day we can do it from our own pc...gez i'm just not suit for this job eyh?

Wombat said...

Zye, TM=Net's Usenet news server has been down for about 10 days already. Can you kick some ass and get it online again? Please do not ask me what a Usenet news server is, okay?