24 March 2006

The wonder of righteous anger...

Wombie at the Lahad Datu hospital.

Wombat : "I'd like to register my appointment please?"

Nurse looks at Wombie's patient card : "You cannot register now. Your appointment is at 10.00am. 10.00am appointments gets registered around 9.30am. The time now is only 8.00am. You are too early."

Wombat : "But can't I register early since I am the first one here? If I register around 9.30am I will end up with an appointment at 12.00 noon."

Nurse : "No, you cannot do that. Registration is now for those with 9.00am appointment."

Wombat : "Look, I am not asking to jump the queue. I just want to be sure I am the first one to get the 10.00am appointment."

Nurse : "You are the first one. Just leave your card in the box and I will register you at 9.30am."

Wombat : "Okay."

Wait wait wait....

At 9.30am....

Nurse : "Here you go. That will be RM5.00. You are now registered. Please go to counter 2 to take your number."

Wombat : "Thank you."

At Counter 2...

Nurse : "Here's your number."

Wombat : "But it says No. 5!"

Nurse : "So?"

Wombat : "I was here at 8.00am. I was not allowed to register because my appointment is at 10.00am, due to some logic of your registration system which I will never understand. But since I am the first one here, logic tells me my number should be No. 1, not No. 5!"

Nurse : "Obviously 4 person registered ahead of you."

Wombat : "Look Nurse, before I make a scene, and demand to see your matron or hospital director, please explain to me how these 4 people get to register ahead of me when your registration system obviously forbids it? Or are you trying to tell me something is obviously not so right with your oh-so-sacred registration system here? Do I smell cronyism in the air? Or did something change hands? "

Nurse : : "Ok ok. You win. Here, you get No. 1 number. Give me the No.5 back."

Wombat : "Thank you very much. A very good day to you too."


Anonymous said...

wahlau eh, like that also can ah? *hanyi smacks forehead* ... hehe, good job there wombat :)

Davoh said...

heh heh, thanks for your comment on "the other" Wombat's blog. Glad you liked Combat Wombat.
Your posts are very interesting ..would like to add you to my links.

Sounds as if there must be some evil genius 'standardising' global 'check in' procedures .. heh.

..and may you also have a beautiful day .. cheers,

Anonymous said...

long time no see buddy! I didn't know you have a blog!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wombat....do you give classes on "Effective Protest". I want to register leh. From no 5 to no 1 and also the pizza incidents in Sandakan. *Tapek*

Anonymous said...

Actually, that happened to me when i went to renew my IC 10+ years ago. When I went in, they were giving out numbers in the 180+ range. They were serving 120+ range. I looked at my 185 number, looked at the 125 number up on the wall, looked at the girl giving me the number, smiled at her, and said, boleh tolong tak? Then, pointed to the stack of extra numbers, in the 140, 150 and 160 range, sitting on her desk.

She looked at me, and said ok, and gave me 135 or some such number. Thank her gratefully, and had a quick short wait.

Hasmawaty said...

well good for you..still happened ka this thing .. ithought the new hospital is well managed already..