06 April 2006

The Wonder Of Righteous Anger - Part 2

The Deputy President,
Pizza Hut Restaurants Sdn Bhd
Level 20, Wisma KFC,
No. 17, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Dear Sir,


I purchased an large Atlantis Pizza and two large Pepperoni Pizza on take-away basis at Pizza Hut Sandakan at 1.30pm on Sunday 2nd April 2006 and requested for the Stuffed Crust version. When I reached home (170km away) I discovered that it is not stuffed crust at all.

This mistake has not happened once but twice. 1 month ago I purchased two large Supreme stuffed crust pizza on take-away basis and again it came without stuffed crust when I reached home in Lahad Datu which is 170km away.
I can accept that one mistake may be due to human error but twice? Is your Sandakan Pizza Hut staffs trying to pull a fast one on customers ordering take away orders? I find this especially disappointing and irritating. Do you know how disappointing it can be when your children asked you why their pizza are not the stuffed crust version when they specifically ordered as such?

In future when I place take away orders with Pizza Hut I shall inspect the resultant pizza in full view of the dining public in order to ensure that this sort of mistake is not repeated, ever.

Yours sincerely,


4-4-2006 : Nothing happens.
5-4-2006 : Nothing happens.
6-4-2006 : Handphone goes breep breep!

Wombie : "Hello?"

Manager : "Is that Mr. Wombat?"

Wombie : "That's me."

Manager : "Mr Wombat, I am the manager of Pizza Hut in Sandakan. Did
you recently purchased some pizzas from us, like on Sunday?"

Wombie : "Yup. And it came without stuffed crust. Why you ask?"

Manager : "Well-- my boss in KL just called me up informing me of your
complaint and I am trying to get more information from you in order to
ensure that this does not happen again."

Wombie : "Wow. The email did work eh? You guys over there still have
any butts left after your boss has chewed them all off?

Manager : "Err.. you are just about right on that point."

Wombie : "Ok, the story is like this yada yada yada yada yada and so
please tell me how to explain to my kids why their pizzas have no
stuffed crust despite the fact that they have ordered as such and have
waited the whole day for me to bring it back from Sandakan to Lahad Datu and one even has tears in his eyes? Kasihan kan?"

Manager wipes tears : "Yes-- sniff-- you are-- sniff-- right. The
next time you are in Sandakan please drop by to see me and we will
sort this out okay?"

Wombie : "No problem. Have a good day."

See people, when nothing works and you are totally pissed off,
call or write to the top guy. It can move mountains, and get butts chewed.


Anonymous said...

Sandakan is not the only place have Pizza Hut, have you try Tawau one?

Wombat said...

The tawau one is okay, but have never tried take-away from there.

Davoh said...

Sheesh, and here's me trying t keep my 'links' upto date. Not easysnuffling round as a wombat.

Davoh said...

Um the words "righteous" anger interests me. Are you seriously a wombat? Do you know how they live?
Have you any idea what a Wombat IS?

Wombat said...

Of course I do know what is a wombat. They even named a Usenet newsgroup after me : alt.religion.wombat