15 June 2006

Viva Espana!

Last night...

MrsW : Who are playing tonight?

Me : Spain vs Ukraine at 9pm.

MrsW : Cheh. Not interesting wan.

Me : But your beefcakes are playing.

MrsW : David Beckham is playing? I thought he plays for England?

Me : No no no. I mean Alonso and Garcia are playing for Spain.

Mrs. W : Why are they playing for Spain? Liverpool sold them meh?

Me : (sigh...) No no no. Liverpool will not sell them for 100 million pounds. Just take my word for it. They are playing for Spain this month.

MrsW : Ok. I will watch then.

(As both team lined up in the tunnel....)

MrsW : I say, who's that handsome man wearing the yellow shirt?

Me : That's Andrey Whateverchenko.

MrsW : He's cute. I will support Ukraine tonight.

Me : (Is it just me, or are most women supporting teams that have cute players?????)


qiddas said...

(its me, the dude)

Well, I'm pretty sure chicks watch it for guy factor of it all. Just the other day my cousin's wife said "Well, helllloooo number 21," right in front of my cuz. I'm surprised he didnt blow his top right there. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Brokenridge Mountian Guys also show interest ,wink, wink!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. even supported the refs cos they're cute. eg. that Singaporean Maidin guy.