09 October 2006

England 0 - Macademia 0

Euro 2008 Qualifier England vs Macedonia on 7-10-2006.

I started this match thinking and even predicting England to win 3-1 and what do I get? A miserable 0-0 draw, not enough sleep and bags under my eyes. And why?

Vain Looney was trying too hard to prove that he is a great striker that he ended looking like a buffalo running all over the field. At one point he even got into Gerrard's way just as Gerrard was trying to shoot at goal but has to pull back or else the ball will smack right into Rooney's face.

The midfield is hopeless. Lampard and Carrick played like they are parking the bus, but then not surprising since one plays for a club famous for parking buses while the other is overpriced. Lampard as usual is shooting at anything but the goal while Carrick is giving a new meaning to the word "conservative". Only Downing and Gerrard were working their butts off.

The back 4? That Cashley Cole, to think that Chelski is so hard up to buy him? Next Mido will be saying that Cole is the next easiest defender to play against. Neville and King are ok though.

It is surprising to see England play like this. Good for first 10 minutes then everything went down hill from there.

And with Gerrard missing the Croatia match, I won't be keeping my hopes very high.

(On the other hand, my second favourite internatinal team, Scotland, did beat the French, so that perked me up a bit.)

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Anonymous said...

You must be severely depressed today because of the Silly Sod's air-kick that led to the own goal. As I've mentioned before, McLaren is clueless and will always be.