12 October 2006

Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

These are mobile phones I have used or owned since 1987. My, they sure don't make them like they used to anymore.

1. Mobira TalkMan :

An ancient NMT 450 mobile phone the size of a small car battery, and it was the state of the art in 1988. Great for street brawls too.

2. Ericsson HotLine :

Another ancient NMT 450 mobile phone the size of a small UPS. Cool design but cockroaches tend to like chewing the orange keys off.

3. Dancall Logic:
The NMT 450 mobile phone that looked like a normal desktop phone, and you probably could not tell the difference unless you asked: "What's that huge finned heat sink doing at the back???"

4. Benefon TDP-10 450i:
Finally an NMT 450 hand phone the size of a brick but was real cool in the early 90s. The antenna alone has been classified as a lethal weapon against eye balls. This phone has gone places with me: city, jungle, rivers, mountains etc. Only problem is that it gets real hot after a long call. Hmmm, I have always wondered about the right side of my head....

5. Benefon Dragon:
The NMT 450 phone the size of a Nokia handphone, and you need not hide it in public in a fit of inferiority complex. Costing RM 4,000.00, it is the most expensive handphone on the market then, even though it is still analogue so people around always wonder why you are screaming. As long as you can climb a tree, you will never be out of reach for a signal.

6. Ericsson GF768:
My first GSM cell phone. Commonly known as the "GRO (Guest Relations Officer a.k.a. hostesses in night clubs) phone" in Lahad Datu, because all of them seemed to own one. Very tiny. Nice colours too. Mine's green.

7. Motorola cd928:
My second GSM cell phone. Bought it the day I destroyed my GF768 while trying to changed its grey casing to yellow and my screwdriver accidentally pry loose a tiny chip on the circuit board.

8. Sony-Ericsson T100:My first Sony-Ericsson phone. For RM300, a lot of people was surprised such a small phone can be sooooo low in price.

9. Sony Ericsson T105:
My second SE phone after I gave the T100 to Little Wombat as a reward for good Primary 6 exam results.

10. Sony Ericsson Z600:
My first clam shell phone. Don't know why I bought it except that it seems to be a good idea at the time. Gave it to the missus later.

11. Sony-Ericsson T610:
My first colour screen phone. Best phone during its time. The speaker's sound quality alone kills every other phone in the cell phone shops.

12. Sony-Ericsson K700i:
My current personal phone. Need to junk it soon. Joystick and keypad getting sticky. This phone is my longest serving phone : almost 2 years.

13. Motorola V66:
This phone is responsible for maintaining my sanity when I was admitted to hospital during my 2002 heart crisis. Doc Liew should know very well.

14. Motorola V3:
I used it for 2 weeks then hog it off to my sister because.... (see below)

15. Motorola V3i :... I found this to be even better looking. My current company phone.

Other phones I have used.....

16. Nokia 8850:
Businessman phone. Good idea for a while but the B&W screen is crap. No longer using.

17. Nokia 8855:Also businessman phone but in titanium blue colour. Good idea for a while but the B&W screen is also crap. I bought this after I sold the V66. No longer using.

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