26 October 2006

The month in sports...

Formula One:
So Michael Schumacher (a.k.a. Shoe-Me) retired. Big deal. I do not care if he's 7 times F1 Champion and all that (of which the validity of at least of two of the Championships are debatable). For me he will never hold a candle near Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. It is way Schumacher drove that made me decided long ago that he will not be a champion in the truest sense. His win at all costs mentality has tarnished his legacy : witness how he took out Damon Hill on purpose just to win the chamionship by one point. That is not a true champion. That's cheating. I could go on all night about his other deeds but I will save the Earth's oxygen for more productive use.

Major League Baseball World Series :
So the Boston Red Sox is not in it this year, but the St. Louis Cardinals are! Cardinals are leading the Detroit Tigers 2-1 in the 7 game final. Go Cardinals!

Aussie Rules Grand Final 2006:
The Sydney Swans lost to West Coast Eagles by a point (84-85)??? Aaaaaaargh! Not fair!

League Cup (Carling Cup):
Liverpool scrapped through to the fourth round by the skin of their teeth by beating Reading 4-3. This is not good. Reds are getting nowhere fast.

Malaysian soccer:
Malaysia is now ranked No. 153 by FIFA, down 5 places from the previous ranking of No. 148. Since the rock bottom ranking is No. 198, we will be there very soon, at the rate Malaysian soccer is going.

I wonder who won the Melbourne Cup?

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Urban Smoothie Read said...

although his had lotsa bad history....his was still d most popular n successful F1 driver n wit d most fans....so who said his legacy was tarnished by d incident...