23 October 2006

Anatomy Of A Flu.

2.00pm Friday 20-10-2006:
Drove family to Sandakan to attend wedding reception. Car air-cond on high. Sniffle.

Friday night :
Eat eat drink drink eat eat drink yammmmmmm sengggggg. Reached home, on air-cond. More sniffles.

Friday midnight :
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Chooooo!!!!! Piaaaaaattt!

Sniffle sniffle sniffle. Ahhhh chooo! Drove back to Lahad Datu. Attended Deepavali open house. Host handed me two cans of Coke that came out from the freezer. Opened Coke. Glug glug glug. Coke went down throat like napalm. Ahhhhh choooo!!!! Sniffle sniffle piaaaaaaaaattt!

Sunday morning:
Woke up with a cold, runny nose, throat a bit sore. Went out shopping but the sun is hotter than a supernova. More sniffle more ahhh choos. More piaaaaattts!

Sunday night:
Attended another Deepavali open house. Whacked curry and chappati like it is going out of style, disregarding my poor sore throat which is crying for help. Went home, dig through fridge for old flu medicine. Popped some. Slept after watching MU beat the crap out of Liverpool.

This morning:
Woke up with a throat that felt like it has been rubbed raw with a disc grinder. Cough. Hack! Ptooi!

Later in the morning:
Doctor : Well, what will it be?
Me : Fever, runny nose, cough, sore throat and probably AIDs soon.
Doctor : Oh, the standard package. Go outside and wait for your medicine.
Me : Okay.

Afternoon :
Me: I am going home to sleep. This cold pill is making me sleepy.
Colleague : Yeah right. How convenient.
Me : (Cough saliva droplets into colleague's face)
Colleague: What's that for?
Me : I have just given you the gift that keeps on giving. Now get out of my sight.
Colleague : Mommy! There's goes my Hari Raya holidays. I have been infected with the flu!


Anonymous said...

I've caught the flu bug too. And like you, I share it with my office colleagues... :-)

Wombat said...

Galiivanter: Daughter came down with it one day after me. Missus got infected one day after daughter. Surprisingly, skinny 5 year old son is immune!