23 October 2006

Oi Rafa! Cut the rotation crap please?

Liverpool 0 - M*n U*d 2.

I have never seen a more miserable Liverpool away match. A match in which not one single Reds player used his brain to do some thinking. Even Gerrard looked mentally tired.

What the bark is going on here?

I know Reds has a perenial disease of performing badly on away matches but to watch the match last night is like watching paint dry : There's nothing to get excited about.

Is Rafa wrong at long last? Can he please stop rotating for 3 matches and see what happens? We Reds fans are becoming laughing stock at EPL parties for christ' sake!

It is not good enough to win only at Anfield. We ARE supposed to win at Anfield!

I thought this is the year Reds go for the title. Looks like I may be wrong, and you can kick my ass up the PLUS highway if they do win it.

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