30 March 2007

Simon, we need a bigger stage this year.

American Idol Season Six - 28th March 2007

The Final Ten night was very good, featuring Gwen Stefani and the music of people who influenced her music. While everyone else were belting out Gwen Stafani songs etc, the two Hot Mamas this season : Melinda Doolittle and LaKisha Jones, were having a Donna Summer Duel on their own.

LaKisha went first and sang Last Dance. As usual, the judges were impressed and the audience roared.

Likewise Melinda came out and did Heaven Knows, and brought the house down. Who cares if Simon hated her dress?

Donna Summer would have got goosebumps, had she attended the show that night.

I hope these two ladies will be in the Grand Finale. They deserve every vote in order to get there. It is not every season we saw REAL talent like this, not even the season when Fantasia won. Carrie Underwood and Taylor Hicks? Puleeeeze!

If America vote any of these two out of the show before the grand finale, it is final proof that America has no taste.

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