11 April 2007

Air Asia, Now every knee cap can cry.

I flew Air Asia for the very first time in my life from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur last weekend. The plane's an Airbus 320, so I thought : "How bad can it be?"

Until I got into my seat.

Mein gott! Where's the leg room? The puny ancient Fokker F50 has better leg room than this!

It is sooooo bad that if I recline my seat (Hah! You call 1 inch of movement a reclining function????) my knee caps will hit the back of the seat in front of me and rub against the plasticky netting, a feeling similar to having you teeth drilled by a very large Black & Decker.

So I put my seat upright but it's a 3 hour flight, and I will end up in KL with a sore back.

I know this is an no-frills airline but THIS IS RIDICULOUS! And imagine if we get the same "leg room" if ever Air Asia flies to London? The whole plane will revolt?

Mr. Fernandez, making money is one thing but you are nowhere near Richard Branson's class.

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