11 April 2007

Waiter, there's something in my soup...

Last Saturday night, The Wombats decided to have dinner at a certain fast food restaurant famous for chicken.

Midway through dinner...

Little Wombat : "OUCH!"

Wombat : "What happened?"

Little Wombat : "My gawd! What's this????" *Hold up foreign object...*

Wombat : "Let me see---- mein gott im himmel! It is a staple!"

Mrs. Wombat : "Staple? Staple as in the sharp things people use to staple paper together?"

Wombat : "Yup. In her whipped potato."

Little Wombat : "So how Daddy? I almost swallowed that thing. What if I did and it rips my intestines apart?"

Wombat : "Wait. Oh Mr. Store Manager~~~~"

Store Manager : "Can I help you sir?"

Wombat : "Sure you can. Kindly explain why there's a sharp staple in my daughter's whipped potato?"

Store Manager : "Whuh? Are you sure?"

Wombat : "Here."

Store Manager : "Hmmm...."

Wombat : *Come on, just say the magic words. I am not hard-up for free chicken.*

Store Manager : "I am very sorry sir. This should not have happened. I apologize for the store for this unfortunate occurrence."

Wombat : *Keceng!* "No problem. That's all I want to hear. Thanks for paying close attention."

Store Manager : "You are welcome sir. Err... I see you took a photo of the staple. Why if I may ask?"

Wombat : "I am going to e-mail to your company's president in KL."

Store Manager : "But but but I apologize already! Now I am going to get my butt fried by my boss! I can lose my job over this!"

Wombat : "Chill bro. Just kidding."

Store Manager : "Phew! here, have a large whipped potato. On the house."

Wombat : "Oh how nice of you. Thank the nice uncle for his kindness, Little and micro Wombies."

Little Wombat/microWombie : "Thank you Uncle!"

Store Manager : "You are very welcome. I need my blood pressure checked."


Fleming said...

I just found your blog via Wombat's Waffles. Your post is very clever. I had a good laugh. Great style of writing.

Your experience reminds me: I was at an Indian restaurant in England. When I chomped down on the rice I almost broke a tooth. There were several pebbles in the rice, and I mean bigger than small gravel. Indian waiter went to Indian manager who eventually came out smiling with great relief. "No problem!" he said. "No problem. We did not put the stones in the rice. The stones came in the rice. It's because of the method of harvesting, some stones get picked with the rice."

No problem? No offer of free food either. If my wife had been there she would have wrung a whole free meal out of them.

It's good to discover your blog.

Wombat said...

fleming : I humbly thank you for liking the way I blog. A lot of people couldn't stand my style. I guess I am influenced by comic strips such as Baby Blues, On The Fast Track and Dilbert. How comic strips can influence the way a blog is written I will never understand.

Do drop by and check for new posts.

Fleming said...

Thank you, Wombat. You are a ver clever and witty writer. Drop by my blogs, if you will.

I'm having a problem adding Links to my blogs. As soon as I can I'm adding a link to yours.