19 April 2007

First world facility, Third world mentality.

At the Lahad Datu hospital today....

(Lahad Datu hospital is the second largest hospital in Sabah, for
whatever reason I will never know.)

Blood pressure : 120/80

Wombat : "I'd like to replenish my medicine please?"

Pharmacy staff : "No problem. Please take a number and wait a while."

Wombat : "Ok."

Pharmacy staff : *Tap tap tap into PC* "Oops. Mr. Wombat, come here

Wombat : "Yes?"

Pharmacy staff : "When is your next review appointment?"

Wombat : "15th May."

Pharmacy : "It says here we are authorized only to issue one of your
medicine until 25th April, while another four medicine until 5th May

Blood pressure : 125/85

Wombat : "Well, ain't that nice. The doctor screwed up again the last
time he issued my prescription? And this is the third time it has

Pharmacy : "Looks like it. You will have to go over there to the
specialist clinic counter to sort this out."

Wombat : "Fine. Thanks." *Stomps over to specialist clinic nurses

Nurse : "Ya?"

Wombat : "There is a mistake in my prescription again. I won't have
enough drugs until 15th May and I am going to die."

Nurse : "Impossible. Let me see."

Wombat : "Here." Blood pressure : 127/87

Nurse : *Tap tap tap into PC* "Hmmm, this is odd. How can this

Wombat : "Beats me." *Said with a very heavy dose of sarcasm*

Nurse : "Ok. Wait a while."

Wombat : "Fine." Blood pressure : 130/90

After 15 minutes....

Nurse : "You need to go to Room 15 and get the doctor to amend your

Wombat : "Okay." *Stomps off to Room 15*

Nurse in Room 15 : "Ya?"

Wombat : "I need the doctor to amend my prescription please?"

Nurse : "Why?"

Wombat : "(Because he farked up big time again that's why you twit!) I
think he got my presciption wrong resulting in me not having enough
medicine until my next review appointment."

Nurse : "Oh... ok. You wait outside."

Wombat : "Wait?" Blood pressure : 140/95

Nurse : "Yes, wait. The doctor is not here yet."

Wombat : "When he will be in?"

Nurse : "I am not sure. Half an hour, an hour maybe."

Wombat : "So I may have to wait one hour."

Nurse : "Yes." *Smug look on face*

Wombat : "No. I will not wait."

Nurse : "Why?"

Blood pressure : 150/100

Wombat : "Because it is not my fault he screwed up my prescription for
the third time, and I am not going to sit here like a dodo for one
hour while he enjoys his coffee somewhere."

Nurse : "Then you won't get your medicine."

Wombat : "You just try me." *Stomps off to specialist clinic nurses'

Nurses : "You are back. Got your prescription amended?"

Wombat : "No. I was told to wait for an hour because of someone's

Nurses : "Well?"

Blood pressure : 160/110

Wombat : "I am going to leave my prescription card here. I am going to
come back this afternoon at 3.00pm. I expect to see my prescription
amended by whatever competent doctors you have left. If this is not
done please give me your hospital director phone number so that I can
inform him what a bunch of Little Napoleons you have running the show
down here. Ok?"

Nurses : "No problem. Come back at 3.00pm. It will all be settled."

Wombat : "Thank you very much. You are too kind."

Blood pressure : 120/80


Anonymous said...

You are quite the gentleman. I would've gone bananas, and probably be shipped off to some asylum, where people pay RM5 to see me!

Fleming said...

I do not look forward to the sequel.

Wombat said...

fleming : Sequel's posted today. Enjoy.

gallivanter : You should have seen my 36 year old sister. She's a civil servant. Ever see a civil servant blow her top at another civil servant for fiascos like this? I did. It was gory. :-)