20 April 2007

First world facility, Third world mentality (Part 2)

This morning....

Blood pressure 120/80

Wombat : "Err... I am here to pick up my prescription card, which I left here yesterday---"

Nurse : "Oh yes, it is all settled. You just go right over to the pharmacy and pick up your medicine. Your card is with them." *smiling like a hyena*

Wombat : "Oh okay. Thank you very much."

Nurse : "My pleasure. Have a nice day."

Wombat : "Now what happened there?"

Blood pressure 120/80

Wombat : "I am here to pick up my medicine----"

Pharmacy staff : "Ah... Mr. Wombat, we have been waiting for you. Where have you been? We were expecting you to come back yesterday afternoon!" *more warm smiles*

Wombat : "Err I was tied up with something."

Pharmacy : "Here's your medicine, prescribed until 15th May 2007."

Wombat : "Why thank you."

Pharmacy : "You are very welcome. See you next month!" *smile smile smile*

Now either someone's butt got chewed off by that incident yesterday, or I am now in another universe, or I am on the Truman Show.

Oh well.

Blood pressure : 120/80.


Fleming said...

I don't know if the U.S. is part of the Third World yet, but the mentality is definitely there. Yesterday I took a note from my wife with me to our doctor's office. She requested a copy of her recent blood test results (April 14, 2007). Her note gave all the details. I also explained to the receptionist, who eventually gave me the printout from the "medical records" dept. Later, when I was getting into the car, I looked at the printout and discovered it was MY blood test results from more than a year earlier! Another 20 minutes, and I headed home with the correct paper. Can you top that?

Wombat said...

fleming : Can I top that? My friend, this is Malaysia. I have enough incidences to make a movie and sweep the Oscars! :-)