25 May 2007

AC Milan 2 - Liverpool 1

I am not depressed.

Honest. I am not depressed. Disappointed maybe, but not depressed.

So despite all my faith, Liverpool lost the Champions League Final in Athens to AC Milan, although Reds totally dominated the first 45 minutes.

I only rue the chances that were not taken throughout the match, and much as I hate to say it, Reds strikers lacked the finishing touch.

My congratulations to AC Milan. Next year hopefully we meet again.

And dear Rafa Benetez, just go tell Michael Owen all is forgiven and buy him back please?

I am not depressed, but I need a vacation.


Fleming said...

Wombat, do you think you could get over not being depressed long enough to favour us with a new post? I understand that you've been trying to forget your sorrows by taking part in a womat migration. Thank goodness you aren't a lemming!

Wombat said...

Sorry mate. We were on our annual migration to Kuala Lumpur from 26th May until 3rd June, and I was down with the flu since then until today. I will try to post something soon, when I get this flu licked.

Fleming said...

I hope wombat flu isn't as bad as human flu. . . which is really miserable. Best wishes for your complete recovery quickly.