29 September 2007

Everything begins with a dream

I love sports movies, especially those that are fact-based (true stories) such as The Rookie, Miracle On Ice etc. They often make me feel good for two hours, motivate me and let me appreciate the enormous obstacles some sportsmen have to go through to achieve their dreams.

Today I was watching on sat TV for the third time "The Greatest Game Ever Played", a Disney production movie based on the 1913 U.S. Open, in which amateur golfer Francis Ouimet is competing against Harry Vardon and Ted Ray, professional British champions.

Nobody expected Ouimet to qualify for the Open, let alone do well in it. In the end he overcame his father's fears, his own self-doubt and everything else to win it in a nail-biting final playoff against Henry Vardon.

The storyline is not too complicated, even for someone who has no idea how golf is played (e.g. my wife). It is a movie the whole family will enjoy, and we did. The music score is inspiring.

The ending is very moving, and I even shed a tear because I am absolutely moved. I am a sucker for teary endings.

If you have not seen "The Greatest Game Ever Played", give it a try. You will not be disappointed.


Kay Kastum said...

Same here la. Inspirational movies always makes my eyes shiny.. he he
Hm, must ask my DVD supplier.

cindy said...

Good gracious, I need a dose of funny movies. I watched Little House On The Prairie lastnight (for old times sakes) and I sobbed like a mad woman - and I'm only on the FIRST episode!!! So emo... (I wonder if the emo is related to the series or am I just missing my childhood time).

When I'm no more emo, I might buy this DVD too. Thanks for the recommendation! :D