11 October 2007

The itch! The itch!

Great. Just great. A long festive weekend holiday coming up and what did I get?

Chicken pox! Must have been infected by my son who had his about 3 weeks ago, so now it is my turn.

Today is the third day, and my chest, back, head and face are full of red spots. Worse, it itches like hell.

Why I never get this when I was a kid I will never understand. They say that for adults in their 40s to get chicken pox, it can be hell.

Hope it clears up soon, but was told it takes about 2 weeks.

I may not get my long weekend, but at least I got a 2 week medical leave.


Anonymous said...

Oh man. That sucks. No worries man. If a kid can survive it, you definitely will!

Anonymous said...

Bummer. I had the chicken pox and the measles when I was in my early teens. In hindsight, at least you get 2 weeks off. :-P

Get better soon Sir Wombat! :-)

Anonymous said...

I got my chicken pox at the age of 12. Ngam-ngam during my UPSR - all thanks to my brother.

You can survive it man!!

Wombat said...

Kay: Sucks indeed. No beef. No chicken. No sour. No soy. No oily stuff. No spicy stuff. No this. No that. I asked MrsW just bring me the grass. I will eat grass. She said no grass either.

Galli: Now it looks like I don't even get to use all my 14 days MC. Le Pox is receding faster than I thought. It is only the 7th day and they are drying up. Something to do with strong immune system or something.

cindy: Lucky you.