13 January 2008

Liverpool, you are a pain to watch.

EPL : Middlesbrough 1 - Liverpool 1.

I think this is the moment of this EPL season that I am quite sure that the championship title dream for Liverpool finally went up in smoke, unless three meteors strike the stadiums of Arsenal, MU and Chelsea simultaneously. This is also the first time in my history of watching EPL matches that I really wanted to throw the TV remote against the TV screen. This is also the first time that I wish Rafael Benetez will get sacked.

Why oh why oh why did he persisted in fielding Voronin in his starting eleven? This sack of potato was losing possession of the ball all night that he made Momo Sisoko look classy. It was that bad. And he was the reason I wanted to throw the remote at the TV. Steven Gerrard shaking his head while walking off the pitch at half time summed up my disgust at the team's pathetic performance.

I won't even go into Rafa rotation policy anymore. He is treating his players like poofs that cannot play 2 matches in a week lest they drop dead.

Gone were the days when Liverpool plays a match and I will enjoy watching them, win or lose. Now they have degenerated into a team that is painful to watch, through no fault of the players but because of a manager that's having an extreme case of the clevers. Having my teeth drilled without anesthetic is more fun.

I will even settle for Jose Le Mouth nowadays.

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