26 December 2007

The inconsiderate #$%^&*@s are back

There are those who remembered my rant "It can only happened in Lahad Datu" from December 2005 about inconsiderate drivers who jumped queues near my housing area.

Guess what? They are back after 2 years hibernation.

It is now December 2007, it is the school holidays. Yet this stretch of road still suffers from a massive jam every day starting from 7am until 8 or 9am. It now takes 40 minutes to travel 500 meters, and my 10 minute drive to the office now becomes a 50 minute crawl.

As usual these inconsiderate jerks took the side road on the left to escape queuing on the main road. When they reach the junction shown in the photo they expect cars jammed on the main road (which hardly moved at all due to these jerks' inconsiderate behavior) to actually give way to them so that they can rejoin the main road. The most remarkable thing is the cars on the main road actually let them get away with it, and suffer in silence!

Too bad if one has a sick passenger needing urgent medical attention at the hospital located only 5 minutes drive away. Must be nice and give way to these jerks first. Your passenger died? Tough luck.

After my initial rant in 2005, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) did station their officers at that junction to stop this farce. It worked, and for two years all is well, and everyone get to work and school on time.

I shudder to think what will happen on 3rd January 2008 when school starts, and the traffic flow doubles.

Hey JPJ people! Get to work!


Anonymous said...

middle of the night, cut down one of the trees make it close the road on the left. or build speed breakers on it. or just blast a hole and cover it with dried coconut leaves. how about just dumping some 4 prong nails all along the road?

Wombat said...

Actually the solution is very simple : just make that street a one way street. All it takes is a No Entry sign, but does anyone care?

JPP Papa said...

Don't you just hate that! People cut you in front without even 'angkat tangan'. Like its their right. Aiiiyooohhh.. it happen like this here near my area too. If its not my kids in the car, I will definitely end up arguing to the end with these ppl. Inconsiderate betul!!!

Wahh.. saya pun mau kasi lepas geram dis.. hahahhaa.

suddenly I feel at home here. LOL.

Wombat said...

PapaJoneh: The sad thing is these drivers actually felt no shame at all in doing it, so their kids in the car will grow up thinking it is okay to jump queues.

Anonymous said...

I hate when people do this.. I mean jump queue.. If they got summoned, it would really be great!!

Wombat said...

cdason: Summon is too good for them. What I think is best is for the traffic cops and JPJ to block the queue jumpers from entering the main road. Just make them wait until the jam is over, only then let them go onto the main road. This will take about 30 minutes. Any of them caught trying to reverse and go back the other way will be summoned. Ain't that great? Wait for 30 minutes or receive a summon.

Anonymous said...

Wah not bad ah..Lahad Datu also becoming like KL. Ada kemajuan. I just came back from Kunak. Still a sleepy place as usual. I like those "sepuluh empat" though.. he he

Anonymous said...

We were passing through LD road on our way to Kudat few weeks back. OMG lah.. I can't believe that we were stuck in jam in LD at 8 in the morning! I thought I was in KL... :-P