15 March 2007

Magical Mystery Tour : Guilin - China 2007 (Part 5)

21st February 2007 - Guilin city
(I came all the way here to look at that piece of rock????)

At last, after one and a half day of bus ride from hell, we arrived at Guilin. This was taken from the hotel when we had our lunch.

Wombie : "Wah... like KL lah. Very posh condominiums that!"

Tour guide : "Those buildings? Those are veli common, for our workers to stay in. Not posh at all. China veli good to its workers."

Wombie : "Wow!"

Mrs. W : "I think she is spouting propaganda and pulling your leg."

Wombie : "Izzit?"

After lunch we went to a place when silk products is demo-ed and sold. Here the guide was telling us clueless "South Seas Water Fish" (Nanyang Sui Yee) that even the leaders of the G7 wore their silk jackets when they last had their meeting in Beijing :

The life of a silk worm. And what does it get in the end? Being boiled ALIVE! Very fair.

Silk worm cocoons. This is the final stage of life of a silk worm just before it is boiled ALIVE to recover the silk. Looked more like an Alien nest to me :

No, this is not our hotel room for the night, although I wished. These are silk bedding products. The whole set costs half a Kancil :

So what did I buy? 100% pure silk boxers! RM 50 each. Cool, smooth, it is like nothing next to your skin... (Rkaru : "Too much too much information! Geli!")

After getting slaughtered at the silk shop, we went to see the symbol of Guilin, Elephant Trunk Hill :

A long long time ago (yeah yeah...), a celestial elephant escaped to the Earth and landed in Guilin. It liked it here and refused to return to the heavens and stayed for three years. The Heavenly King got angry and sent his army to capture it and the battle went on for 3 days and 3 nights. It was a stalemate.

Finally the elephant got thirsty and stooped down to drink from the Lijiang River. The Heavenly King took this opportunity and stabbed the elephant to death using a sword onto the back of it's head. (Yeah right, very fair fight, that.) The elephant died and turned to stone. You can see it in the photo below. The left most extremity is its trunk. (No, the one at the bottom is not Wombat) :

Full view of Elephant Trunk Hill. The pagoda/tower at the top of the hill represents the heavenly King's sword :

Tour guide : "Any of you wanna climb up there to the tower?"

All of us : "You must be FAQing joking!"

I never knew tulips can grow very well in China. (No, neither is that man Wombat) :

(To be continued...)

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