22 January 2008

'It looks like me, and the voice sounds like me..."

A certain prominent person who answered that way recently when questioned during a certain governmental inquiry into a certain video clip of a certain telephone call reminded me of what Eminem once rapped:

And there's a million of us just like me
who cuss like me; who just don't give a f**k like me
who dress like me; walk, talk and act like me
and just might be the next best thing but not quite me!

'Cause I'm Slim Shady, yes I'm the real Shady
All you other Slim Shadys are just imitating
So won't the real Slim Shady please stand up,
please stand up, please stand up?

The thing is, this prominent person made Slim Shady believable!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Good one ol' chap!

CJane said...

..and now he claimed he was "bragging.

Cannot make up his mind one lah him!

Wombat said...

Let him.... he is digging a hole so deep that eventually he will not be able to climb out of it.